Why Elevator and Escalator???


An escalator is a moving mechanical staircase. It needs to be on a incline and the longer the staircase is the higher it goes. So it is important to consider that factor if you are designing the model for a building. There must be enough space to fit the escalator into one floor and the next. Escalators are quite common in malls as well as many other places.

An elevator on the other hand can only support a limited amount of people in one elevator because it must go up and down vertically and people always need to go to different floors.

A moving staircase is used to carry people from one floor of a building to another, escalators are common sights in places like shopping malls, underground train stations and airports. The escalator is used as an alternative to the staircase, elevators and the moving sidewalk seen mainly in airports.

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Evolution of Elevator


Elevators, Escalators and moving walks are the safest form of transportation. In 1853, American inventor Elisha Otis demonstrated a freight elevator equipped with a safety device to prevent falling in case a supporting cable should break.

The electric motor was introduced in elevator construction in 1880 by the German inventor Werner von Siemens. His car, carrying the motor below, climbed its shaft by means of revolving pinion gears that engaged racks at the sides of the shaft.

Within the next 12 years, electric elevators with worm gearing connecting the motor and drum came into general use except in tall buildings. In the drum elevator the length of the hoisting rope, and therefore the height to which the car can rise, are limited by the size of the drum; space limitations and manufacturing difficulties prevented the use of the drum mechanism in skyscrapers.

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Safety about Elevator

For Safety purpose, 2 seismic safety devices were incorporated into elevators, a counterweight-derail detector and seismic switch. Because the name indicates, the derail detector senses this condition and initiates a closedown procedure.

The seismic switch is a device that senses acceleration and shuts down the elevator if the acceleration exceeds the trigger level. If the counterweight-derail detector triggers, the closedown procedure is changed. Whereas horizontal acceleration initiate harm to elevator parts, the acceleration perceived by the switch is oriented within the vertical direction and therefore the level is ready below the expected harm threshold for horizontal motions. The seismic switch serves 2 functions. It’ll stop working the elevator if the extent of the vertical motion would indicate that horizontal motion would approach the harm threshold. It is also designed to stop working the elevator early so it may be stopped and therefore the doors opened before it’s stopped for a few different reasons. The seismic switch detector is familiarized at intervals the vertical direction to sense the arrival of the P wave, that precedes the arrival of the damaging S waves. If the placement may be a few distance from the point, there will be a quick time before the structural response to the S wave builds and so the arrival of the P wave, so there’s additionally an opportunity for the elevator to stop at a floor, open the doors and allow passengers to depart the elevator and avoid being trapped.

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Types of Elevators

Elevator India Cartoon Video

1. Traction Elevators

Traction elevators square measure upraised by ropes, that hop over a wheel connected to an electrical motor on top of the shaft. They’re used for middle and high-rise applications and have abundant higher travel speeds than hydraulic elevators. A counter weight makes the elevators additional economical.

Geared Traction Elevators have a casing that’s connected to the motor, that drives the wheel that moves the ropes. Meshed traction elevators square measure capable of travel races to five hundred feet per minute.

Gear-less Traction Elevators have the wheel connected on to the motor. Gear-less traction elevators square measure capable of races to 2000 feet per minute.

Machine-Room-Less Elevators square measure generally traction elevators that don’t have an obsessive machine area on top of the shaft. The machine sits within the overrides area and also the controls sit on top of the ceiling adjacent to the shaft. Machine-room-less elevators are getting additional common; but, several maintenance departments don’t like them owing to the trouble of performing on a ladder as opposition inside a space.

2. Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are supported by a piston at rock bottom of the elevator that pushes the elevator up. The machine area for hydraulic elevators is found at rock bottom level adjacent to the shaft.

Conventional Hydraulic Elevators have a sheave that extends below the ground of the elevator pit, that accepts the retracting piston because the elevator descends. Some configurations have a telescoping piston that collapses and needs a shallower hole below imaginary place. Georgia home boy travel distance is or so sixty feet.

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