Types of Elevators

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1. Traction Elevators

Traction elevators square measure upraised by ropes, that hop over a wheel connected to an electrical motor on top of the shaft. They’re used for middle and high-rise applications and have abundant higher travel speeds than hydraulic elevators. A counter weight makes the elevators additional economical.

Geared Traction Elevators have a casing that’s connected to the motor, that drives the wheel that moves the ropes. Meshed traction elevators square measure capable of travel races to five hundred feet per minute.

Gear-less Traction Elevators have the wheel connected on to the motor. Gear-less traction elevators square measure capable of races to 2000 feet per minute.

Machine-Room-Less Elevators square measure generally traction elevators that don’t have an obsessive machine area on top of the shaft. The machine sits within the overrides area and also the controls sit on top of the ceiling adjacent to the shaft. Machine-room-less elevators are getting additional common; but, several maintenance departments don’t like them owing to the trouble of performing on a ladder as opposition inside a space.

2. Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators are supported by a piston at rock bottom of the elevator that pushes the elevator up. The machine area for hydraulic elevators is found at rock bottom level adjacent to the shaft.

Conventional Hydraulic Elevators have a sheave that extends below the ground of the elevator pit, that accepts the retracting piston because the elevator descends. Some configurations have a telescoping piston that collapses and needs a shallower hole below imaginary place. Georgia home boy travel distance is or so sixty feet.

Hole-less Hydraulic Elevators have a piston on either aspect of the cab. During this configuration, the telescoping pistons are fastened at the bottom of imaginary places and don’t need a sheave or hole below imaginary place. Telescoping pistons permit up to fifty feet of travel distance. Non-telescoping pistons solely permit concerning twenty feet of travel distance.

Roped Hydraulic Elevators use a mix of ropes and a piston to maneuver the elevator. The most travel distance is concerning sixty feet.

3. Traction-Hydraulic Elevators

This elevators elevator has overhead traction cables and weight, however is driven by hydraulic power rather than associate degree overhead traction motor. The load of the automobile and its passengers, and associate degree advantageous labor quantitative relation, reduces the demand from the pump to boost the weight, thereby reducing the scale of the specified machinery.

4. Climbing Elevator

A climb elevator could be a self-ascending elevator with its own momentum The momentum is done by an electrical or a combustion engine. Climb elevators are a unit utilized in guyed masts or towers, so as to create easy accessibility to components of those constructions, like flight safety lamps for maintenance.


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