I decided to write my story because I could not bear it any longer, everything about you imprinted in my heart and remain unchanged. Your present has always been with me, your touches are still here. I could feel my love for you will not fade. It has been ten years and I have spent that entire time loving only one person and that is my sweetheart (first love). Times have changed our surrounding but it has not washed away the memories of you. I remember the first time we meet each other. It was raining outside and we move together in LIFT. We take a look with each other. No matter how hard the rain falls and it was very windy. But we feel safe as we are inside the lift and no one is with us. We are just sharing name of each other. It was my first experiences that I talk with her. However, she felt safe with me. Every time I looked up at her she smiled back at me. My face were red like a peach and my heart were pounding fast and faster. I was shy. I was in love with her. I wanted to say my emotions to her. As I express my feeling to her, she shockingly looks at me, and she gives a shy response to me. And as she says yes….. I was shocked that she said yes to me. I will never forget that day when I got my true love. I am very thankful for the rain and mostly thankful for the LIFT in which she becomes mine.


7 comments on “LIFT LIFTS MY LIFE…

  1. Escalator says:

    its very nice………

  2. Jalal says:

    nice ………….

  3. webdesigner says:

    Wow..seriously very nice and Romantic Story..i like it..

  4. Bhagyashree says:

    Muzko bhi toh Lift dilade …. 😉

  5. rupesh says:

    Lift lift ki baat hai……..

  6. plot says:

    Love can happen anywhere

  7. love at lift side……………

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