Why Elevator and Escalator???


An escalator is a moving mechanical staircase. It needs to be on a incline and the longer the staircase is the higher it goes. So it is important to consider that factor if you are designing the model for a building. There must be enough space to fit the escalator into one floor and the next. Escalators are quite common in malls as well as many other places.

An elevator on the other hand can only support a limited amount of people in one elevator because it must go up and down vertically and people always need to go to different floors.

A moving staircase is used to carry people from one floor of a building to another, escalators are common sights in places like shopping malls, underground train stations and airports. The escalator is used as an alternative to the staircase, elevators and the moving sidewalk seen mainly in airports.

The escalator’s primary attribute is its ability to move large numbers of people at once from one area to another, with some escalators, such as those in the London Underground, spanning particularly long distances. People can move both upward as well as downward when a pair of escalators are typically deployed next to each other. That is an advantage over an elevator, which can only go one way at a time with generally a much smaller capacity.

An escalator transports people automatically when switched on, with individuals simply standing still. As such, traveling on an escalator requires little physical exertion.

The purpose of an escalator is to transport people. It performs this task efficiently, allowing individuals to move between potentially many floors of a building in a relatively short amount of time, when compared to a staircase, for instance. Because escalators are generally quite long, they allow a large group of people to get on at once and reduce the need for waiting periods typical of elevators.

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    very nice………

  2. I just always gives preference to lift……….

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